economic ec‧o‧nom‧ic [ˌekəˈnɒmɪk◂, ˌiː- ǁ -ˈnɑː-] adjective [only before a noun]
1. ECONOMICS COMMERCE relating to or involving economics, money, finance, industry, trade etc:

• The economic climate (= general state of the economy ) is not likely to improve significantly in the current year.

• The country is facing a severe economic crisis.

• The government is trying to promote political stability and economic growth.

• What are the prospects for economic recovery?

2. a business or an investment that is economic produces enough profit to make it worth continuing with:

• Oilfields that are not economic today may become considerably more attractive when oil prices increase.

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economic UK US /ˌiːkəˈnɒmɪk/, /ˌekəˈnɒmɪk/ adjective
ECONOMICS relating to trade, industry, and money: economic conditions/situation »

The plan also recognized the need to react to the challenging economic conditions facing football clubs around the world.

economic boom/expansion/upswing »

Employers faced record-low unemployment levels during the economic boom.

economic downturn/slowdown »

The government-subsidized corporation may run into trouble in an economic downturn.

economic collapse/crisis/depression »

This legislation aims to pull the country out of economic crisis by giving tax breaks for companies to hire more workers.

economic recovery/regeneration »

He was instrumental in providing the framework for post-war economic recovery.


economic change/reform

economic benefits/interests »

These laws serve to protect our long-range security and economic interests.


economic data/figures/statistics


economic factor/issue/problem


economic equality/inequality/justice


They discussed the consequences of the banking crisis for US economic policy.


The Chancellor's chief economic adviser yesterday made what might be his last budget briefing to journalists.


She warned this would lead to a decline in economic performance and poorer public services.


Government-led investment in infrastructure and technology aims to boost individual consumption and economic competitiveness.


Some consider the foundations of economic freedom to be personal choice, voluntary exchange, and open markets.


We could put more pressure on the private sector to create more economic opportunities for minorities.

COMMERCE making a profit, or likely to make a profit: »

We had to close our London office - with the rent so high it just wasn't economic.

NATURAL RESOURCES not using a lot of money, fuel, etc.: »

It's often more economic to buy office supplies in bulk.

See also ECONOMICAL(Cf. ↑economical)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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